“This past summer I was faced with introducing two Veterinarians with widely different personalities into my practice. I set aside one day and hired Marc Pitman as a facilitator. In 6 hours he was able to assess each of our needs and helped me form a team with a solid and common focus. Without him I'm not sure that I could have ever brought us to common agreement. He is well trained and wonderfully perceptive. The fee he charged for the service has already come back to me to me many times.”

David A. Jefferson, D.V.M.
President, Maine Equine Associates






I work one-on-one with my clients to craft solutions appropriate to their situation. I use coaching, training, team building workshops, and seminars to bring about the predetermined desired outcome.

Organizations and individuals hire me for $1500 - $3500 per day to speak to their group or work with their team to address specific situations they want to overcome. Since many clients are interested in weekly coaching, which often delivers an even bigger return on their investment, I’ve detailed some coaching options here.

Coaching Options

Level 1: $1200/month
Designed for the serious professional wanting to see significant goal achievement in a short period of time. Includes:

  • weekly 45-minute individual, one-on-one coaching sessions
  • the Highlands Ability Battery and individual feedback
  • unlimited phone support between sessions
  • unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Level 2: $750/month
Designed for leaders committed to personal growth. Includes:

  • 45-minute personal, one-on-one coaching sessions every other week
  • unlimited brief phone support between sessions
  • unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Level 3: $500/month
Designed for people dedicated to a lifetime of learning and growing. Includes:

  • 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions every other week
  • e-mail support as needed between sessions

Three Month Coaching Intensives
These three month coaching intensives are like a professional development conference that comes to your office. Better than a conference, these intensives are one-on-one programs. You get to create and adjust strategies in your day-to-day life until the strategies work for you.

For the low price of $3000, a Three Month Coaching Intensive includes:

  • weekly 45-minute calls
  • individual Highlands Ability Battery and feedback (a $400 value)
  • unlimited phone support between sessions
  • unlimited e-mail support between sessions
  • preferential rates on training days, board vision retreats, and coaching for additional staff

The MagnetGoals Program
Designed for busy leaders needing to accomplish significant goals while at the same time simplifying their life. This program uses the elegantly simple MagnetGoals Program personally crafted to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Leadership Talent Development

Designed for experienced leaders committed to taking their leadership to the next level. This program leverages the results of the Highlands Ability Battery and helps you capitalize on your natural, innate talents. Leveraging your talents increases your effectiveness while decreasing stress for both you and the people you work with.

All coaching services include:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with your first month of coaching, I’ll refund your fee.
  • Sessions are completely customized to meet your current needs and goals. You direct how each session is used.
  • Sessions can be combined as needed (i.e. one 2-hour session instead of two 1-hour sessions).


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