"Marc Pitman is a creative, energetic possibility thinker. He thrives on connecting people through their interests, talents and
stewardship. Marc is an encourager to all who know and work with him."

-Robert E. Grinnell,Vice President for Development,Gordon College


Meet Marc

Marc is pastor of the Vineyard Church of Waterville, and is the Director of the Foundation of Inland Hospital.

Prior to moving to Waterville, Marc coached fundraising executives and small business owners. Through his seminars and one-on-one work, he helped his clients reconnect with their passion.

He loves asking people for money and is fond of saying, “Fundraising is an extreme sport!” Marc is still invited to speak at conferences and still offers seminars through organizations like CharityUniversity. He also has his own Creating Donor Evangelists audio program.

When he’s not helping others get passionate about Kingdom life or raising money, Marc likes:

  • Coffee— He prides himself on being fairly accurate at identifying the geographical origin of coffee simply by its taste.
  • Reading— He reads an average of a book a week on an extremely wide variety of topics.
  • Travel— Having traveled around the world, Marc cannot wait to get back to India for some excellent masala dossa.

Most importantly, he’s the husband of an incredible wife and the father of three amazing kids.

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