“Our Physical Therapy practice recently had Marc Pitman come to help our staff in team building and goal setting. In the four months since his visit 2 out of the 3 year long goals we set have been met and the amount of business we take in has increased by about 30%. The biggest benefit was that we learned how to market the qualities that separate us from our competition and are clearly able to state reasons that our practice is unique in its field. This knowledge has helped our practice grow and has been instrumental in solidifying our reputation in the community for providing high quality Outpatient Orthopedic Services.”

—Philippa J. McGuire
Co-Director of Coastal Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, ME


Are you accomplishing the results you desire?

Life is meant to be lived. Many of us know that setting goals is important part of living life to the full. But all too often working on goals becomes mechanical, monotonous, or down right discouraging. Especially when they are goals other people have set for us or our team.

Leaders usually just keep pressing on, trying to ignore the internal dissatisfaction, hoping beyond hope that meeting the next deadline will change the way things are. Leaders often have few places to turn to.

Pitman Coaching is one of those places.

I work with individuals and teams helping them:

  • renew their vision;
  • identify their individual natural talents and discovering how to work with these talents instead of against them;
  • set goals big enough to be inspirational, realistic enough to be achieveable, defined enough to get the results they need on their own terms;
  • create step-by-step road maps to accomplishing those goals;
  • and increase results while decreasing stress.

Will working with Pitman Coaching make your life easier?
That depends on you. You'll probably work even harder than you are now. But you'll be amazed at how productive your work will be! If you're a business owner or budding entrepreneur, i can help you clarify your focus and accomplish your goals faster. Plus, I'll help you identify and celebrate your successes on the way.

Is coaching worth the investment?
Studies consistently find the return-on-investment (ROI) for money invested in coaching is more than 300%. That means for every $1 invested in coaching, you’ll get that dollar back and $3 more. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the studies themselves: CompassPoint Study, MetrixGlobalBriefing, and The Case for Coaching.


























"Marc is a fireball. So much fire and brilliance in his fingertips. He wants to bring that out in others and he's not going to stop until he sees it."

—Lyn Christian, PMP, CFCC Innovation Director, Franklin Covey Coaching LLC


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